Who's YeahYeah?

JOEL ESPOSITO is a multi-disciplinary designer working in Jacksonville, Florida. He holds a BFA in Computer Art & Design with a specialization in computer animation. After attending a summer design seminar at the Savannah College of Art and Design, he worked as a  design visualization specialist at a residential design studio while completing his degree.


In 2012 he presented an undergraduate study on digital artist workflows in Ogden, Utah. That year he was also  inducted into Phi Kappa Phi for outstanding academic accomplishments. After graduating in 2013, he worked at a local design and manufacturing company at which he split his time between the architectural design division and a full service graphics and printing department. This provided valuable hands-on experience with architectural design workflows and professional graphics and print production.


He is an Autodesk Revit certified professional and in 2017 he designed and built his own live-work studio in Northeast Florida. He's currently studying Japanese and plans to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test next year. Oh and in case you were wondering, his passion (aside from good design) is good cooking.

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